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Antioxidants and Cancer

Quote for the day:

It is time for conventional medicine to come to terms with their failure in cancer research and embrace selective orthomolecular methods. The public should stick with nutritional therapies while we wait, perhaps for some time, for medicine to focus on patients rather than profits. Don’t be warned off the very substances that can most help you.

My book, How to Stop Colds, Allergies & More, only covers colds, allergies and a few other conditions which can be stopped by simple hygiene measures. Obviously, cancer is way out of my league. But I have relied heavily on orthomolecular.org in my personal research and I have every reason to trust them on this one.

Don’t let the “O” word scare you. It refers to nutritional medicine.

In my opinion, Americans have been overly cautioned against taking natural supplements even though our food supply is sadly lacking in basic nutrition. Please take a look at this article and any others that may be of interest.

Antioxidants Prevent Cancer and Some May Even Cure It

Commentary by Steve Hickey, PhD
(OMNS Jan 24, 2013)