How can I use isopropyl alcohol?

I don’t recommend rubbing alcohol for anything other than cleaning a telephone, light switch or keyboard. I read recently that isopropyl alcohol can be sprayed on microfiber upholstery stains and rubbed clean with a white sponge. Then after the treated area is completely dried a stiff brush can be used to soften and fluff the fabric. Since learning that rubbing alcohol is made from propane, I don’t think it should be used on the human body at all.

How can a slight amount of diluted ethyl alcohol (vodka) stop a cold?

The viruses that cause the common cold do not live in the blood or any part of the body that stays in the normal temperature range of around 98.6 degrees. Cold viruses can only survive in the cooler temperatures of mucus in the respiratory system. Therefore, if we can eliminate excessive mucus they will vanish. Medications are not an effective way to do this. They are a whole- body treatment for a small localized problem and can cause various side-effects. One way to remove congestion is to do a nasal irrigation with a neti-pot or by using my method of sniffing very warm salt water from the hand. Congestion can be prevented by using the nip-it trick as soon as the histamine reaction starts. It will subside within minutes. No more congestion equals no cold.  It is that simple.

Does frequent hand washing prevent colds?

In my opinion, no. Other than ordinary cleanliness, I think obsessive hand washing is a waste of time. Since learning to use the nip-it trick when needed, I have avoided all colds, headaches and respiratory allergies since 2004. Since I only wash my hands after gardening or visiting a restroom and before preparing food, for example, I would say the proof is in the pudding.

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